Madame de Jeu

An ex-circus performer with a diabolical past.


Madame de Jeu, as she is now called is a tiefling rogue/sorcerer who used to participate in a different sort of circus. Now, her plan is to travel and adventure in search for a special someone as well as to prove herself a powerful emissary of her infernal bloodline.


It was a long summer day when Marcian Dupont stood at a crossroads under the heat of the sun awaiting the arrival of what he had titled his “last resort”. Life hadn’t been kind to ole Marc during the past few years. A drought had decided to plague the land where the Dupont crop once prospered and with a wife and children to support, the man of the house was responsible. The gods weren’t helping and rain hadn’t come since the last of his eight children had entered the barren world. So, with the amount of plausible solutions depleting as quickly as their crop, Marcion had finally arrived at his “last resort”. The devil’s arrival managed to stun the man as if he hadn’t been expecting the meeting. The deal went through swiftly and easily. In exchange for a plentiful crop, the devil would mate with Marcian’s wife. An action that would eventually, down the line, result in a tainted child with infernal blood. Solemnly Marcian agreed and his crop prospered.

Just a few decades later, one of Marcian’s grandchildren gave birth to the infernal beast. The baby tiefling girl came as a shock as the couple did not know of the malevolent deal that had occurred in the family. In turn, the child was not named, and once she was but a toddler the parents sold her to a traveling circus to be put on display as a sideshow freak.

She was raised this way, traveling far and wide to be ooh’ed and ahh’ed at by the normal folk of the world. Eventually she gained the title “Damon de Jeu” or “The demon of play”. The tiefling was treated poorly, only slightly better than that of the animals they kept in the show. Unfortunately, the young girl knew no better. That is, until one day when she was about 13 years old and she was traded to another circus group. It was this that changed her life forever.

This new group was managed and run by a young bard among a large array of different races and beings. This bard, named Monsieur, saw a spark in the Damon de Jeu that he soon discovered was her magical affinity. Since he himself was so inclined to the arcane arts, he began to teach her to be a sorceress as well as one of the main attractions for his show. The Damon became a skilled knife thrower whose reputation when unmatched. Soon, she was just as much a part of the show as the Monsieur himself. He therefore gave her a new name. Madame de Jeu. The Madame of play.

Madame de Jeu fell head over heels for Monsieur during their years together and agreed with him wholeheartedly on whatever decision or action he made. So, when he proposed a more daring approach to their routine he was met with no opposition. The show became half circus, half gambling epicenter. The trick was, the gambling came at more of a price than mere gold. Attendants would be pitted against the beasts that had been rounded up by Monsieur and Madame. Most, if not every time, the beasts won and the pair became very, very rich.

Of course all good things must come to an end. The “circus” was eventually tracked down by the law and dismantled. Monsieur and Madame were separated, breaking the Madame’s heart as she was sent to jail.

Presently, Madame has been released from jail and is struggling to figure out what role she will play in society now. From what experience has told her however, there is no place for a tiefling in the normal world. She vows to find Monsieur and embrace her infernal blood by any means necessary, while having as much fun as possible along the way of course. Because, in a world where you can neither be accepted nor respected morality is defined by the individual and to Madame de Jeu, morality permits her to act as she pleases.

Madame de Jeu

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