Jeremiah Stone "The Damned"


Jeremiah Stone was named after his late father. His mother Selina, unable to cope with the loss, died in a premature childbirth. The midwife who helped deliver the infant boy, thought the child was born dead, unable to breath. Both she and the church she belonged to, the church of Desna, considered his survival a miracle.

Jeremiah was raised by a cleric of Desna, a tall, thin woman by the name of Lillian Jacobs. Though Jeremiah himself appeared almost blessed by the gods themselves with good fortune, death and pain seemed to flow around him like a stream around a boulder.

When he was eleven, a gang of bandits burned down the church, stealing almost all of the gold and silver relics as well as the donations they had collected. Three had died in the fire. When Jeremiah asked what they were to do about it, Lillian said there was nothing that could be done, because revenge was outside the boundaries of their faith, and the bandits would likely have sold or melted down everything they stole.

Jeremiah refused to accept this, and set off after the bandits after stealing a horse from the local saloon. It was near midnight when he caught sight of the gang’s campfire. After sneaking up and knocking the sole guard unconscious, Jeremiah then shot all three of them, before leaving with their horses and stolen goods.

His return to town was not as well received as he would have liked. The peaceful people of North Greenridge were taken aback at his ruthless actions. He was cast out from the church as a heretic and publicly damned for his actions. However, because of what he did, the church was rebuilt, and a sliver of faith was restored to the town.

Though Jeremiah came to regret his execution of the otherwise helpless bandits, he realized that sometimes bad things had to be done to allow the good in the world to survive. That’s when he decided that he would take damnation upon himself so that good people might live in peace.

He left his town with nothing but a horse, and a gun that was carefully crafted by the local blacksmith, a member of the church’s clergy. The gun was emblazoned with the holy symbol of Desna, and had been blessed by Lillian Jacobs herself. The gun was one of the relics that Jeremiah had recovered when he killed the bandits, and he kept it at the holy mother’s insistence when he left the town.

Four years ago, he purchased a horse named Xander.

Jeremiah Stone "The Damned"

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